The Steering Committee and Board of Directors for Restore College Wrestling Oregon have compiled documents and strategies used to establish our organization and achieve our goals. This material is available for use by organized Restore College Wrestling (RCW) groups in other states.

Please review the outline of materials below.  If you see something you are interested in and you represent an organized RCW group please contact us by clicking the button on the right.

1.    Startup

  • Diagram of 1970’s era Colleges in Oregon without wrestling now
  • RCWOR Mission Statement and Goals
  • RCWOR Attaining 501 3c Status.  “How we accomplished this”
  • RCWOR Blueprint.  This folder contains a letter of invitation for prospective RCWOR members.  It also contains a suggested Seven-Step “Blueprint” to be completed before approaching a prospective College or University.

2.    Samples

  • Brochures and Flyers created to highlight RCWOR successes
  • Business Cards, Envelopes and Letterhead developed for RCWOR
  • List of wrestling coaches in Oregon that attended Colleges or Universities in Oregon that no longer offer a wrestling program

3.    Video

  • This folder contains a professionally done video highlighting the need for additional College Wrestling programs in Oregon.

4.    Pictures

  • Various pictures used in the promotion of Wrestling

5.    Eastern Oregon University (EOU)

  • EOU Wrestling Financial Analysis – A written breakdown of the financial impact at EOU with the addition of a men’s and women’s wrestling program
  • EOU Wrestling Presentation – The final Power Point presentation developed for our presentation to the EOU administration
  • EOU Proposal – This is a written 24 page hard copy handout outlining the need for wrestling at EOU
  • Wrestling Facility at EOU – A short 2 page document that explores solutions for a wrestling facility at EOU

6.    George Fox University (GFU)

  • GFU Financial Analysis – A breakdown of the financial impact at GFU with the addition of a men and women’s wrestling program
  • GFU Wrestling Presentation – A written 23 page hardcopy handout highlighting the positive aspects of adding a men and women’s wrestling program
  • GFU Wrestling presentation – A Power Point presentation given to the administration at GFU in Oregon

7.    College of Idaho (CofI)

  • CofI Wrestling presentation – Power Point presentation prepared by Mike Moyer, Executive Director of the National Wrestling Coaches Association, highlighting the benefits of adding wrestling at CofI.

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