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Hello Oregon wrestling fans. We are excited to be giving you more ways to connect with Oregon college wrestling programs and Restore College Wrestling Oregon’s efforts to increase the number of those programs. Now that the 2016 Olympics have concluded, it’s time to get excited about the upcoming intercollegiate wrestling season. Our Oregon college wrestling programs need your support. Grab a young wrestler and take them to watch the nearest Oregon college wrestling match. We list all of the Oregon college wrestling programs to the lower left with links to their websites, and we are adding their in-state and near-by schedules to the Event Calendar as they become available.

Join the RCWOR team … Family and friends of youth and high school wrestlers, your wrestler is the future of our great sport and we especially encourage you to get involved and support Restore College Wrestling Oregon. Learn how you can help here.

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Oregon College Wrestling Mid 1970’s & Today

In the mid 1970’s, Oregon had 23 college wrestling programs. Today, we have only 7 intercollegiate men’s wrestling programs and 5 women’s programs:

Restore College Wrestling Oregon played a pivotal role in Warner Pacific College and Eastern Oregon University deciding to add men’s and women’s intercollegiate wrestling programs to their athletic departments.

These Programs Need Your Support

Visit their websites, look at their schedules, and when they wrestle near you, round up a few kids and go support them. Help keep the programs we have strong by attending their matches and tournaments. And please, answer our call to action. Support wrestling at all levels here in Oregon. Join the team and help RCWOR create more college wrestling programs here in Oregon.

 Why Restore College Wrestling In Oregon?

  • To better serve the interests of the thousands of young men and women who compete each year in Our Sport in Oregon high schools. We now have far fewer college wrestling programs than we did 30 years ago and many more participants at the high school level.
  • To prepare the next generation of coaches to lead wrestling programs at a variety of levels in Oregon.
  • To provide a caring and disciplined intercollegiate athletic environment where college students can set, and work toward, meaningful goals.
  • To provide an collegiate athletic opportunity for aspiring young people where size is not a limiting factor to achievement.
  • To provide an opportunity for people with handicaps to compete successfully beyond the high school level. E.g. the 2011 NCAA Wrestling Champion Anthony Robles, of Arizona State U, who was born with only 1 leg.
  • To provide an intercollegiate athletic opportunity where the link between personal investment in physical and mental preparation and success is readily transparent.
  • To build life-long memories and relationships.
  • To better promote and perpetuate the sport that is contested in more countries around the world than any sport, except soccer.
  • To continue the legacy of man’s oldest sport.

The National Wrestling Coaches Association has collected some important facts about intercollegiate wrestling. Please read them here.

Learn about the Restore College Wrestling Oregon mission here.

Your wrestler is the future of our great sport. Help forge the future of college wrestling in Oregon. Join the Team!



Help forge the future of college wrestling in Oregon. JOIN THE TEAM

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