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Build A Restore College Wrestling Organization In Your State

The Steering Committee and Board of Directors for Restore College Wrestling Oregon have compiled documents and strategies used to establish our organization and achieve our goals. This material is available for use by organized Restore College Wrestling (RCW) groups in other states. Click the button below to view our toolbox.


Restore College Wrestling Oregon (RCWOR) is a division of the Oregon Wrestling Association which operates as the state of Oregon association of USA Wrestling. The RCWOR mission is to:

  • Identify and unite Oregon wrestling fans and supporters who share a common goal of restoring lost college programs and supporting ongoing ones.
  • Educate post secondary institutions of learning about the value and practicality of reinstating, maintaining, and supporting an intercollegiate wrestling team.

Things we are doing to achieve the goals of our mission include:

  • Begin to mobilize the wrestling community in Oregon by making them aware of the power they have collectively to effect changes in the way college administrators view our sport.
  • Build a database of supporters (primarily via electronic communication) who will speak out, in support of rebuilding college wrestling programs AND supporting ongoing programs.
  • Use social media tools (email, website, Facebook, printed materials, targeted video tapes, etc) to communicate among ourselves and other potential allies to build the public image of wrestling.
  • Develop a public awareness, via the tools mentioned in 3 above, so people can have ready access to some of the history of college wrestling in Oregon and it’s impact on young people.
  • Identify current college administrators who are most likely to be receptive to initiating a college wrestling program.
  • Be prepared to educate college administrators, about the potential positive financial impact of having a wrestling program.
  • Restore College Wrestling plans to organize itself as a resource for people developing a new college wrestling program, or improving an existing one.
  • Communicate with interested parties in surrounding states as to how we can work collectively to improve opportunities for young people to have an experience in wrestling beyond the high school level. This is important in view of our interdependence in scheduling competition (as well as our belief in the value of Our Sport in shaping lives).
  • Be a limited source of information about some current events in wrestling in our state, especially at the high school level.
  • Develop a structure which allows us to do the things listed above effectively. This will include developing a set of bylaws, a governance structure and getting recognized as a charitable organization—all of which are in progress.
  • Be open to additional ideas which are consistent with our mission statement above.


The Steering Committee and Board of Directors of Restore College Wrestling Oregon want to thank the following individuals and businesses for their generous support:

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Rob Butler – Bend Mapping and Blueprint – orders@bendmapping.com

Adam Cormack – Cormack Development Group Inc.

Bill Hocker – Marathon Business Machines – www.mbmcopiers.com

Greg Smith – State Representative, District 57 – www.repgregsmith.com

Joe Becker – Developed RCWOR Facebook Presence

Trent Kroll – Social Media Support, Head Coach Hood River Valley H.S. – www.hoodriverwrestling.com, www.hrvathletics.com/wrestling

Stephanie Mathews – Photography and Social Media support

Mike Moyer – Executive Director of the National Wrestling Coaches Association – www.nwcaonline.com

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