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If you are the parent, grandparent, relative, or friend of the family of a young wrestler and want to help that young person have the opportunity to pursue their dream of wrestling in a college or university in Oregon, then get involved in our efforts. The more wrestling programs we can restore at Oregon colleges and universities, the better the prospects for you to enjoy opportunities to watch your college wrestler compete in person.

Tell your friends and neighbors about RCWOR and invite them to visit our website and social media. Encourage them to join you in answering our call to action. Together, we can forge the future of college wrestling in Oregon.

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Help support and sustain our education, outreach, and advocacy activities, such as the annual expenses of our website here at www.rcwor.org, and things like flyer printing, mailing, banners, and supplies. Learn more about our mission here.

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The RCWOR Board of Directors and Steering Committee currently has representatives of 9 of the 13 four year colleges in Oregon that had wrestling programs in the ’70s. We only have 2 representatives of the 11 community colleges with programs at that time. If you have a connection to an Oregon wrestling program of that era, or to an Oregon wrestler, past or present, please answer our call to action. Contact us now.

As you consider being involved in this effort, keep in mind that our success will determine, to a large extent, the number and quality of the people available to lead the next generation of prospective wrestlers. Without college programs to prepare the coaches, we cannot expect to maintain the passion and knowledge necessary to inspire and educate young people in Our Sport.

The small group of wrestling enthusiasts that have volunteered to pioneer the effort to restore college wrestling programs here in Oregon needs your help to grow and succeed. We are like the Marines, “always looking for a few good men”, and women too. Our success will ultimately be measured by the willingness of MANY others to serve on a personal level. We cannot succeed without an army of wrestling supporters who are willing to add their individual contributions to our effort. In the end the number of people willing to step forward will be critical. Think of it as a political issue. Because it is! Contact us now.


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The Steering Committee and Board of Directors for Restore College Wrestling Oregon have compiled documents and strategies used to establish our organization and achieve our goals. This material is available for use by organized Restore College Wrestling (RCW) groups in other states. Click the button below for access.


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